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Staff & Faculty Volleyball Tournament

Updated: May 24

In a joyful atmosphere, staff and faculty members competed in a Volleyball Tournament that creating team work and collaborative spirit across all departments. A total of eight teams competed including:

VP Office, Executive Dean’s Office, Admin Office, Student Affairs Dept., Security Dept., and all the different schools (School of Engineering, School of Computing, and School of Construction)

Some games were very close and the audience had to wait till the last minutes to know the winner.

At the end, The EXECUTIVE DEAN’s Office Captained by Prof. Watfa, with his Assistant, Miss Jenny, and Mr. Bahaa, and Mr. Rowan, were the tournament's champion (FIRST PLACE) with Mr. Bahaa being selected as MVP.

The runner place (2nd place) went to the School of Construction and Built Environments captained by Dr. Haran.

Congrats to all and for more success in the future.

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