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Make Your Career Dreams a Reality

with accredited applied education 

Unique applied programs focusing on hands-on projects and NOT on exams where students learn by doing & NOT by memorizing.

Affordable higher education because we believe EVERYONE deserves HIGH quality Education.

Quality assured academic degrees awarded by International Accrediting bodies (Pearson, UK).

Flexible pathways allowing our students to exit or receive recognition & academic awards after every year of study.

What We Offer?

We provide flexible & affordable academic programs in the UAE for a diversity of learners using student-centered, technologically advanced, innovative, and experiential learning models that will have a transformative impact on society while stimulating economic vitality.

Why Choose BACU?

Cutting Edge Facilities

We are investing in a university fit for the 21st century and beyond. At BACU, you will find all the cutting-edge facilities you need to achieve great things including computer labs, engineering labs, libraries, innovation center, research centers, and many more.

Student Centered Flexible Approach

We offer different learning models at different levels. Students have a choice to enroll in 1-year, 2-year or 4-year higher education programs depending on their future career plans. We offer students a choice to choose their own pathways, and even exit our programs anytime with an academic certificate, higher diploma or bachelors.

Affordable & Quality Applied Programs

At BACU, we believe everyone must have the opportunity to study for a quality applied UAE & UK degree and be part of a student experience like no other. With tuition fees less than half of most universities & colleges in the UAE, we offer the highest quality education delivered by top faculty. All our programs are accredited and quality assured by national & international bodies including Pearson, UK to ensure quality standards.

Uniqueness & Industry-Ready

We are the ONLY applied private university in the UAE that focuses on projects and assignments and NOT on exams. We believe students learn by doing and not by memorizing. Our students engage and apply knowledge to be industry-ready.

Our experienced faculty members offer students diverse perspectives that will enhance their understanding of the challenges they may face when they graduate.


I studied Artificial Intelligence at the British Applied College. When I look back, I have no doubts that I made the right decision. The robust program prepared well to pursue my future career in AI.
S1-Mahnoud Taha.jpg

Mahmoud Taha

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The program I pursed at the British Applied College was cyber security which is one of the most popular future careers. The program had many industry-based projects with an excellent group of top faculty members.
S2-Mohamad Yousef.jpg

Mohamad Yousef

Cyber Security Engineer

I studied software engineering at BACU and it was well structured with emphasis on focused learning, and skills development enhancing my readiness for the real world.
S3-Khaled Hany.jpg

Khaled Hany

Software Engineer

We Offer Different Pathways

Industry & Academic Partners

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