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BACU's Credit System

UK Credits, GLHs, and US Credit Hours Conversion

Guided Learning Hours (GLHs)

  • Course units (in Level 3 – Year 1) at the British Applied College in Umm El Quwain (BACU) are worth either 30, 60 or 90 Pearson Guided Learning Hours (GLHs).

  • According to Pearson, GLH - Guided Learning Hours represent the maximum expected time to complete, including all directed study (classroom, homework, preparation and activity work, plus supervised extracurricular activities).


Comparing GLH Credits to American/USA Credits, note:

  • 30 BACU- GLH = 2 US credit hours

  • 60-90 BACU- GLH = 3 US credit hours.

UK & US Credit Hours

  • The majority of course units in Year 2, 3, and 4 (in UK Level 4, 5, or 6) at the British Applied College in Umm El Quwain (BACU) are worth either 10, 15 or 20 UK credits.

  • As a general rule, one UK credit equates to 10 hours of work; a 15-credit course unit therefore requires 150 hours of study on average.

  • Students should note that the number of credits associated with a course does not relate to the number of contact hours (lectures, tutorials etc) a week as is the case in some US education systems. 

  • The number of formal contact hours varies considerably between subjects. For example, course units within engineering and the sciences will normally have many more contact hours than course units in humanities, but the latter usually require the student to invest more time in library study.


Comparing UK Credits to American/USA Credits, note:

  • 10 BACU-UK credits  = 3 US credit hours

  • 15 BACU-UK credits = 4 US credit hours

  • 20 BACU-UK credits = 5 US credit hours

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