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BACU's Research & Innovation 

Research, Innovate, & Inspire 

Research & Innovation Goals

Enhance UAE’s international standing through an increased number of research publications, patents and new inventions.

Drive an innovation program aligned with national, local and societal priorities with real-world innovative solutions.

Enhance the standards of applied education through various training & professional programs.

Provide students, staff & upcoming entrepreneurs with a suitable and dynamic innovation space.

Innovation Center Summary

BACU’s innovation center was established in 2022 in order to advance and provide the support infrastructure to facilitate, develop and enable innovative project designs, development and go to market strategies in Umm El Quwain, UAE and beyond.


Through collaboration with industry partners, BACU’s Innovation Center is expected to become a driving force for innovation in IOT, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Knowledge Management, Augmented Reality, EVs and beyond.

Innovation & Research Projects at BACU

Research Clusters at BACU

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