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Health & Safety

A Safe & Healthy Environment for All

Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • The British Applied College is an educational institution that is guided by the provisions of the UAE’s legislation on Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work

  • The College is committed to the integral protection of its students, faculty, staff, workers and the people who make use of college facilities

  • The College established a Management System in Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work and ensured that the necessary resources to comply with the objectives and programs established for that purpose are available.

  • BACU is committed to promoting the continuous training of workers, generating spaces and communication channels for internal and external clients, promoting in all fields the active participation of all members of the College.

  • First aid training is provided for instructors and learners to use first aid kit, and emergency equipment once in a year.  A matrix of competence of trained personnel are made available to all in the campus by displays in laboratories and corridor. 

  • The contact details of nearby hospitals, clinics, and fire station in UAQ will also be made available for emergency.  This helps to manage emergency situations where the right person is called to attend and save any person victim to accident.

  • BACU Health & Safety officers prepare and display safety warnings, rules and regulations within the premises, including laboratories, kitchen, washrooms, staircases, lift, and other areas. They also plan, purchase and ensure enough safety emergency kits and emergency equipment are available.

Objectives of the Health & Safety System

  1. Promote the integral health of all workers through a culture that integrates self-care and self- protection evident in safe and responsible behaviors in all levels of the College

  2. Identify the possible hazards and evaluate the risks, allowing the College to establish the necessary controls in order to prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses

  3. Manage, document and maintain the Management System in Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work under the principle of continuous improvement

  4. Comply with the legislation applicable to the College in matters of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Hygiene at Work

  5. Communicate to the workers, students, and other interested parties and control bodies according to their interests and competences the information corresponding to the Management carried out in the System in order to ensure its relevance, recognition of individual and collective obligations and their continuous improvement  

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