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Labs & Machines

Cutting Edge Labs & Facilities

BACU Labs 

  • Strength of Materials Laboratory

  • Dynamics & Workshop Laboratory

  • Thermal Engineering Laboratory

  • Electronics Laboratory

  • Control System Laboratory

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

  • Concrete Lab

  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab

  • Highway Engineering Lab

  • Surveying Lab

  • Design Studio

  • Computer Labs & Workstations  

State of the Art Labs

BACU hosts several intriguing laboratories to enhance learners’ applied knowledge of mechanics, materials, testing, control, programming and simulation including:

  • Computer Labs & Workstations with the latest simulation software and virtual labs.

  • Electronics Laboratory with Function Generators, Analog or Digital Integrated Circuits, Oscilloscopes, PCs with specialized electronic design software, Fixed and Variable Power Supplies and Arduino Kits.

  • Control System Laboratory with a hand robot, coupled tanks, industrial control systems, microcontroller boards from Matrix (E-blocks2) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) kits. The equipment is used for teaching process calibration, open loop and closed-loop systems, and PID controllers. The lab is also equipped with digital oscilloscopes, arbitrary sweep generators and Flowcode and Matlab/Simulink software.

  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory with Metacentric Height, Pipe Losses, Venturimeter, OrificeMeter, Rotometer, Pelton Turbine, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump …

  • Strength of Material Laboratory with materials samples, Single and Double Rotor System, Rockwell with Brinell Hardness Test, Torsion Testing Machine, Beam Deflection Test Apparatus, Spring Testing Machine, Izod Testing Machine and Universal Testing Machine.

  • Dynamics & Workshop Laboratory with Transverse Vibration Setup, Spring Mass System, CNC Machine, Lathe Machine, Milling and Drilling Machine, Portable Welding Machin ...

  • Heat Transfer Laboratory with Section of 2 Stroke Petrol Engine, Section of 4 Stroke Petrol Engine, Forced Convection Heat Transfer, Section of 4 Stroke Diesel Engine, Natural Convection Heat Transfer, Emissivity of A Gray Surface, 4 Stroke Diesel Engine with Mechanical Loading, 4-Stroke Diesel Engine

  • Concrete Laboratory with Vicat apparatus, concrete mixer, vibrator, curing tank, slump cone test apparatus and moulds.

  • Highway Engineering Laboratory with Los Angeles, California Bearing ratio test, aggregate impact test, Ring and ball test equipment. • Geotechnical Laboratory with Castigliano’s apparatus, sand replacement method set up, core cutter apparatus, direct shear test set up and proctor compaction instrument. • Surveying Laboratory with Total Station, Dumpy Level, Theodolite, Prismatic Compass.

  • Design Studio & Workstations with Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, STAAD PRO

  • In addition to 100+ workstations (with the latest software), the school of computing has a number of high-end shared-memory multiprocessor compute servers and file servers and multiple specialized research labs for individual research groups including IOT, Network, Computer Vision and Robotics Labs.

Facilities, Equipment & Machines

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