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Industry Engagement

Cutting Edge Partnerships & Collaborations

Industry Partnerships

We believe the right collaboration can make the impossible possible.

We partner with leading corporations to solve real and pressing problems.

We offer industry access to a wide range of research, connections to top talent, and flexibility.

We take a holistic approach to identifying needs and help streamline partnerships.

Problems we are tying to solve

With an expanding array of partnerships and connections to the private sector, BACU works to unleash the impact of its APPLIED EDUCATION & PROJECTS by encouraging the evolution of discoveries and inventions into know-how, products and services with societal and economic value.

For Industries: BACU builds strategic collaborations aimed at sparking innovations of commercial interest to company partners, connecting companies to faculty and researchers, students and entrepreneurs.

For Students & Researchers: BACU supports students to explore the market relevance of discoveries, create strategies for transitioning from idea to impact, and build supportive intellectual property portfolios.

In any given day, BACU faculty and researchers are engaged in projects to solve thousands of problems. Check some of them below.

Industry-Related Projects at BACU

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