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Unique Program Offerings

What makes our programs special?

Our Programs offer:

A stimulating and challenging applied program of study that will be both engaging and memorable for students.

The essential subject knowledge that students need to progress successfully within or into the world of work or onto further study.

A Simplified & Flexible structure: students undertake a substantial core of learning, required by all engineers (in the Engineering or Construction & Built Environments Program) or all Computer Scientists (in the Computing Program), with limited specialism (Level 3), building on this in the Higher National Diploma (Levels 4 & 5), with further & advanced specialist and optional units linked to their specialist area of study in Level 6 (Top up).

With different pathways, there is something to suit each student’s preference for study and future progression plans.

Refreshed Content & Assessments

  • Refreshed content that is closely aligned with employer, Professional Body and higher education needs.

  • Assessments that consider cognitive skills (what students know) along with effective and applied skills (respectively how they behave and what they can do).

Unique Grading & Quality Assurance

  • Unit-specific grading and standardized assignments (Offered by Pearson, For Levels 4/5 and our UK partner universities for Level 6)

  • Quality assurance measures – to ensure that all stakeholders can feel confident in the integrity and value of the qualifications.

  • A degree designed to meet the needs and expectations of students aspiring to work in an international setting.

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