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Other Fees and Charges

Important reminders regarding student fees and services

  1. RE-TAKE: The BACU Summer Sessions provides an effective time scale to cover all Retake Units. These sessions are applicable to learners who have joined us late and for those learners who are doing a full retake (students who did not pass during the first (fall) Sem). These sessions will span over a total period of 6 weeks - 6 hours per week for each retake or late-joined unit(s). Please refer to the hyperlink for further information fees for each Retake unit will be AED 3,000/- and this needs to be paid prior to attending these sessions. Non-payment of Summer Session / Retake fee will result in the exclusion of the student from the current summer retake opportunity and any further opportunity during the current year .

  2. RE-SIT of Failed Units:  Re-sit is the student's opportunity to resubmit all assignments/assessments that he / she failed in the second semester (Spring) without the need to attend any classes during the summer semester (NO CONTACT HOURS). Students who need to Re-sit a failed unit will be charged AED 1,500/- per unit.

  3. RE-SUBMIT: Starting from the next academic year (2023), a resubmission charge of AED 300/- will be applicable to all students who are resubmitting any unit after the assigned deadline.

  4. Low Attendance: Students who do not have a minimum attendance of 75% during the past semester (for any unit) will be required to Retake the said unit or provide evidences supporting their mitigating circumstances. A committee will decide the outcome of application accordingly (using the Student Special Request form). The fee for retaking such units will be AED 3000/-.

  5. Remedial English: Students who have not cleared their IELTS admission requirement of 5.5 as well as the Eng001 & Eng002 units will be required to re-enroll in the Remedial English course during summer semester.  A fee of AED 3,000/- will be charged for these courses. Students failing these units will not be able to graduate until the requirements are not achieved. BACU IELTS Centre: We are pleased to announce that he BACU IELTS test center is re-opened ! Our state-of-the-art Test facility will assist our English learners to register and do the IELTS tests on campus.

  6. BACU has introduced the Annual Technology & Activities Fee of AED 6,000/- for all students.The Technology Fee will cover the following:

  • Computer Labs and Engineering lab facilities: Students can use the computer labs as per college policies and procedures without any additional charges

  • Approved computer Lab Software licenses and student email accounts with 1000 GB (1 Tera Byte) storage for each studen

  • Learning Management System (LMS) and student portal: The state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) charges will also be covered under the technology fee, and students access all their resources through this one portal.

  • Library physical books and thousands of e-learning resources: The technology fee will cover the library fee, and students can access various physical books, e-books, Journals, and online resources without any extra charges.

  • Internet, Classroom technology fee, Sports and recreational facilities such as Student Centre, Volleyball & Football court, etc. will also be included in the technology fee

  • Note that transportation and other special events expenses such as graduation, trip to other location etc., will be charged extra, and Technology Fee will not cover them.

Other Charges and Admin Fees:

  • RPL Charges: All RPL applications will be considered as ‘Conditional’ until RPL process is completed and approved. 50% of the units should be studied in our college or else one-year tuition fee should be cleared by the student with RPL. Processing Time: 7 days  - Fees: AED 500

  • Cheque Return Charges (Bank charges for returned cheques) AED 200

  • English Letter charges (for TU). Processing Time: 1 day  - Fees: AED 200

  • Graduation charges (covers the cost of cap, gown, photos/videos, and all other expenses associated with the graduation ceremony, after party etc.,) Fees: AED 1000

  • Unit certificate charges (per certificate). Processing Time: 60 days  - Fees: AED 200

  • Arabic / English letters for charity. Processing Time: 1 day  - Fees: AED 50

  • Arabic Letter (Driving License). Processing Time: 1 day  - Fees: AED 100

  • Certificate / Transcript Duplicate Issue. Processing Time: 60 days  - Fees: AED 450

  • Lost ID / Replacement of ID Card. Processing Time: 7 days  - Fees: AED 100

  • Course Description / Syllabus (BACU stamped copy). Processing Time: 3 days  - Fees: AED 250

  • Major Transfer after approvals (within a month free) AED 250 + Replacement of ID card AED 100. Processing Time: 7 days  - Fees: AED 350

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