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BACU's Research Excellence Award

Recognize those who make a difference

Selection Process

  • Self-nomination process

  • Research portfolio submission

Research committee comprising the Chair (Executive Dean), winner from the previous year and assigned faculty members will review submissions.

  • Statement of philosophy of research

  • List of publications

  • Percentage contribution

  • Google Scholar H-Index

  • Number of Citations Report

  • The committee will rank the applications based on excellence

  • The committee will choose the winner and two top ranking nominees.

Research Excellence Award Summary

  • The Research Excellence Award is to acknowledge faculty members who have made a significant contribution to RESEARCH at BACU. All full-time academic staff are eligible for the Research Excellence Award.

  • Winner from the previous year will not be eligible for the award and will serve on the award selection committee for a period of one year.

  • While the number of quality journal publications of an academic staff member is not the only indication of quality, it is a very important one. To be eligible for this award, a staff member must therefore have excellent research publication record in the last 2 years preceeding the nominations.

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