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Executive Dean's Message

"The applied programs offered at BACU shape, and are shaped by, the world around us."

Prof. Mohamed K. Watfa, Executive Dean

Welcome to the British Applied College, a College that offers unique, flexible and affordable programs led by top notch faculty members. More than most academic disciplines, the applied programs offered at British Applied College shape, and are shaped by, the world around us. From computing and living spaces to transportation & automation, there is no area of our lives that these programs do not touch. Our students engage, apply, and get real world experiences related to their chosen pathways resulting in the highest quality.

I am awed not just by the ingenuity, but also by the passion and good character of our current and former students. Success in the applied technology, engineering and even management studies requires a strong technical knowledge, the capacity to apply that knowledge to real-world problems and most importantly the ability to engage in close collaborations with industry experts in the field. Founded to address the need of the region for increased educational opportunities in applied engineering and technology-related fields, the vision of BACU is to provide flexible & affordable academic programs for a diversity of learners using student-centered, technologically advanced, innovative, and experiential learning models that will have a transformative impact on society while stimulating economic vitality.

Specifically, we offer programs in three main schools : Computing, Engineering,  Construction & Built Environments, and Business. Within each school, we offer several pathways (majors) including: Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Software Engineering, General Computing, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Technology, Construction Management, Automation, Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, HR among others. The uniqueness of our offerings lies in the flexibility of the delivery model where there are several exit diplomas within every pathway allowing the student to decide based on their personal career goals. 
We also believe that students LEARN BY DOING and therefore all our subjects/units focus on assignments and projects for evaluations rather than exams.

Please explore our website for more information regarding our faculties, research centers, innovation hubs, faculty profiles and other initiatives. Feel free to contact me personally for any further queries.


Prof. Mohamed K. Watfa

Executive Dean, BACU


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